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Teen Outreach Program

Teen Outreach Program

Youth Development That Works

Do you want to inspire and prepare young people to succeed?
Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program, (TOP®) presented by the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative, empowers teens by providing the tools and opportunities needed to lead healthy and successful lives. This evidence-based program is offered free of charge to school and community-based groups in South Jersey. SNJPC is responsible for all aspects of facilitation. 
TOP® is a program of the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative and funded through a grant from the NJ Department of Health.


While participating in TOP®, teens will learn and develop:
•    Healthy Behaviors
•    Life Skills
•    Sense of PURpose


TOP® is a place for teens to interact with their peers and participate in activities that promote positive youth development. Participants meet weekly for group discussions that focus on topics such as relationships, communication, values, goal-setting, and sexual health. Teens also participate in community service projects where they can practice the skills they are learning. TOP® is intended for middle school or high school youth. 

This is a 9-month program that requires: 25 one-hour weekly club meetings, 20 hours of community service-learning, and parental or guardian consent.

If you are interested in bringing TOP® to your facility, contact Kimberly Jewitt at (609) 413-1408 or email

Reducing The Risk

Reducing The Risk

Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD/HIV

Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative (SNJPC) is proud to offer Reducing the Risk (RTR): Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD/HIV. RTR is a 16-session, evidence-based curriculum designed to help youth delay the initiation of sex or increase the use of protection against pregnancy and STD & HIV if they choose to have sex. Each session is approximately forty-five minutes and has been adapted to the virtual setting. This program is offered to schools and youth servicing organizations throughout Southern Jersey, at no cost and is conducted by trained facilitators. Reducing the Risk is a program of the Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative and funded through a grant from the NJ Department of Health.


Through role-plays, skills practice, mini-lectures, and worksheet activities, students learn how STDs are transmitted and how teens can best protect themselves. The program includes information about protection methods with abstinence being encouraged as the best choice. Students will learn strategies to enhance their communication and decision-making skills. Participants are given the opportunity to ask questions in a safe space and earn giveaway incentives.



Two key skills are taught:

  • Refusal skills – Responses that clearly say no to having sex or refuse unprotected sex.

  • Delay tactics and alternative actions – Ways students can avoid a situation


Program Requirements:

  • Memorandum of Understanding between the host site and SNJPC

  • Participants’ Parental/guardian consent provided by SNJPC

  • Zoom or google classroom capability for virtual instruction

  • 45 minutes sessions can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or designed to fit the organization’s needs

  • Intended for youth in 8th to 12th grade



For more information or to schedule an orientation contact Lori Tesauro at or 609-412-6267

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