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        Community Service Learning        

Our Teen Outreach Program curriculum offers students the opportunity to engage in peer-led Community Service Learning (CSL) throughout the 25-week course. Check out this page to see past community service projects completed by former TOP participants. If you are a current TOP participant, scroll through to get some ideas for your community service activities. 

Current TOP participants are required to complete 20 Community Service Learning hours by the end of their club. Community Service Learning is a great way for teens to learn about their community while helping others. It can also be a healthy way to boost self-confidence, find a new interest and increase your happiness overall. Community Service Learning projects can be big or small, but the feeling of accomplishment, or what we call the "CSL Glow", is always great. Your role in Community Service Learning can promote a sense of accomplishment and pride. 

You may have organizations or sites in your community where you can complete volunteer hours, donate items or spread information. However, not all Community Service Learning hours need to be completed on-site! There are plenty of projects that can be done at home or from a computer.

          Past CSL Projects        

Scroll through the pictures to see some of our past Community Service Learning projects. Projects have included:

  • At Thomas Wallace Middle School, 6th Graders made banners to donate to the Veterans Memorial Home in Vineland for Memorial Day. One club made a paper-chain American Flag to be displayed in a common area of the Veterans Home. Another club created fireworks with their handprints with messages of gratitude. 

  • At Fairfield Township School, 8th Graders made cat beds and dog toys for the SPCA in Vineland. 

At Home CSL Project Ideas

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