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  About Us 

Teen Talk NJ features Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative's (SNJPC) youth services programming.


Use this site to learn more about our free programming that is funded through the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH).  

Our health educators provide learning in school or any other type of youth programming on topics such as:

  • ​Healthy relationship skills                 

  • Goal Setting and Planning                  

  • Community Service Learning             

  • Positive Decision Making                     

  • Sexual Health                                         ​

  • Stress Management


  • Communication Skills


  • Health and Wellness


  • Mindfulness


  • Problem Solving Skills

Teen Talk NJ is an all-encompassing program developed to meet the needs of youth. Our social media pages are an outlet for teens to connect with health educators in the field.

To learn more, e-mail